Electric Storage

Thermann hot water system

Thermann Single Element Electric Hot Water System

The Australian made Thermann Electric Storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element, like a giant kettle. They’re quick and easy to install and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs making them an affordable way to get your hot water now.

  • Australian Made Tanks
  • Electric footprint identical – easy changeover
  • Dual Handed water connections
  • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
  • Hard water element options are also available
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Rheem Single Element Electric Hot Water System

Rheem electric storage water heaters store hot water in the tank
ready for immediate use. These products rely on an electric
element(s), which is controlled by a thermostat, to heat water.
Larger model Rheem electric water heaters are ideal for use
with low cost off-peak electricity, and are available in a range of
capacities to suit most needs.
The mains pressure advantage ensures full pressure to
multiple outlets all at the same time.